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Italian GP driver ratings

A Ferrari enthusiast is born and Daniel Ricciardo reveals his value for Renault: it’s driver evaluations to get all 20 drivers from a famed day at Monza.
What about this for your Italian GP as a Ferrari driver? In case the pressure of trying to provide for the most famous team and also the most well-known fans in motorsport in their home event was not enough to compete with, Charles Leclerc had been confronted with a persistent dual Mercedes struggle as first Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas bidding to take the victory from him.
On a track where the high speeds and braking zones leave room for mistake, Leclerc made a few mistakes but just about withstood everything – especially after the first stops once Hamilton ratcheted up the dial to’Hammertime’ in his Mercedes. Leclerc’s drive was described as”hard but vibrant” by Mercedes’ Toto Wolff and it was the former quality that the youngster took right to the edge on several events, with the stewards offering him a one-time warning about his driving when he squeezed Hamilton in the Roggia chicane.
Ruthless? Yes. But completely impressive too to get a driver maturing and improving in front of the planet’s eyes. As former world champion Nico Rosberg stated during Sky F1’s post-race policy:”Today is the kind of drive where he showed he could, and likely will, be a Ferrari world champion in another few years.”
Rating out of ten: 9.5
Valtteri Bottas came off from Monza marginally nearer to Lewis Hamilton from the Drivers’ Championship, but did he have an opportunity to do a little more damage in those last dozen laps when he shot on Mercedes’ struggle to Leclerc?
“I tried everything I could,” reflected Bottas. “Always when I got close I began to fight more from the corners. We needed to get so close to overtaken them since they are so quick on the right – there was no chance now.”
A small braking miscue overdue on in the chicane effectively ended any last expectation and Bottas crossed the line a tantalising 0.8 minutes supporting the successful Ferrari. However, all in all, Monza was a good weekend to Bottas, the Finn right behind Hamilton in the farcically compromised qualifying and ultimately ahead from the race after a long first stint and subsequently his team-mate’s mistake.
Rating out of ten: 8
Small margins price Lewis Hamilton a sixth Monza win . That marginally lost momentum behind Kimi Raikkonen’s turning Alfa Romeo at the Parabolica on the only Q3 runs that counted in qualifying, and then that second on lap 23 of this race at the second chicane when Leclerc transferred across to cover both the Mercedes and Hamilton chose on the run-off. But, as Hamilton confessed later, this was Leclerc along with Ferrari’s weekend.
Following a thrillingly-sustained but prevailed assault on Leclerc, Hamilton ultimately dropped from second by running straight on in the chicane, but did gain one lost point back with the quickest lap late on after a second stop for tyres.
Rating from ten: 8
A stellar performance from Daniel Ricciardo to claim the Renault’s best effect because they bought back their older Enstone team nearly four decades back. The Australian was a permanent presence in the timesheet’s best five from final clinic onwards and took complete advantage of this RS19’s impressive low-downforce rate for his joint-best Monza result.
Although Ricciardo did collapse underneath Nico Hulkenberg’s sister car at the beginning, the Australian was back ahead by lap five and subsequently took over fourth per lap later when Sebastian Vettel dropped his Ferrari in Ascari. Ricciardo ended up beating on Hulkenberg to complete a work well done.
Rating out of ten: 9
He was not really on his team-mate’s pace this weekend, but Nico Hulkenberg played with a full role in Renault’s double top-five complete and helped breathe drunk energy in their 2019 year old.
Hulkenberg is into his final 3 weeks at Enstone, clearly, but he will have completed his hopes of labour elsewhere about the grid no harm at all with a good drive here. The German’s very first lap – when he overtook Ricciardo and Vettel – proved his race emphasize.
Rating from ten: 8
An eventful F1 debut for Red Bull’s new recruit around the Temple of Speed. Alex Albon lost ground at the start, came through, and then dropped down when he ran wide through the gravel at the very first Lesmo, in the end of a duel with Carlos Sainz which had started with a magnificent late-braking move from the Red Bull on the McLaren in the next chicane.
“Regrettably, we did not have the speed over the straights to overtake so I had to do my manoeuvres on the corners,” said the child. “This caused a lot of side by side action and at one stage I lost a bit too much grip going that wide so it started to get messy.” A later five-second penalty for an illegal pass Kevin Magnussen added to Albon’s complex day, but he also came through strongly in the final stint and ended up directly on Hulkenberg’s tail
Rating from ten: 7
A strong drive and also an opportunistic strategy from Racing Point saw Perez gain 11 rankings on Sunday and fasten some important points for the group’s constructors’ combat. Power issues in qualifying had fallen the Mexican out in Q1 and, after dropping another position on the grid for a change of engine to Mercedes’ past collector, a top-eight end could have appeared a long shot.
But Perez did exactly everything he does best: racing and consistently to move into 11th place by lap 11 and then jumping into the pits for his halt beneath the Virtual Safety Car. From there on, Perez overtook Giovinazzi after which kept a Verstappen in bay.
Rating out of ten: 8
The previous two race times at Spa and Monza haven’t quite been what Verstappen has become accustomed to, but he still drove well here in order to overcome first a back-of-the-grid beginning and then an emergency lap-one pit-stop for fixes to claim some useful points at eighth.
“I obtained front wing hurt under breaking into Turn One as everyone slowed up and that I trimmed Sergio’s rear tyre,” Max explained. “We then pitted for a new front wing and the race was still on as I had really good pace in clean air” Verstappen worked his way back through getting stuck supporting the Racing Point of Perez Even though the timing of his second stop didn’t really work out nicely with the VSC.
Rating out of ten: 7.5
The Italian to race at the GP Antonio Giovinazzi, for eight decades operate to that which stands and also was happy with his weekend as the end of his career up to now. With Kimi Raikkonen crashing out of Q3 and falling to the rear of the field, Giovinazzi led the charge of Alfa Romeo and coped well with the responsibility, pipping Lando Norris to ninth location.
“It was a difficult racebut a whole lot of our work has been rewarded, especially after Spa,” explained Giovinazzi.
Rating from ten: 7.5
On his birth in Monza, Lando Norris understood Much like Pierre and Verstappen Gasly that he was going to stand up against it owing to motor shift penalties, thus a purpose for the Englishman was some benefit for this efforts. “We have a bit unlucky: we boxed, we had the spot-on Perez, however then the Virtual Safety Car came out and that he got a little lucky to remain ahead and moved on to finish at P7,” clarified Norris.
“I am not suggesting we certainly would’ve ended there, because I think they had better pace than individuals, but we could have finished better with no VSC.” Tenth is not a replacement for that fifth from Spa the week earlier, but it still gets the Englishman running after the summer break and back up.
Rating out of ten: 7
Had it not been for the Racing Point of Lance Stroll to the exit of the Ascari chicane, Pierre Gasly reckons he would have finished in the points from a penalised 17th, instead of just outside. The Frenchman certainly has a stage that is literal : before being forced to the grass he ran two places ahead of Perez, who proceeded to complete seventh
Rating from ten: 6
“I am fairly mad with him what happened,” said Lance Stroll of Sebastian Vettel, whose unforced spin and ill-advised return to the trail in Ascari unfortunately coincided with then-seventh-placed Racing Point arriving during that quick chicane. Stroll was penalised himself so, thought driver and crew – if he rejoined the trail himself in the front of the Gasly. “It is only a disaster really. I could not watch Pierre: I was only trying to eliminate the racing line and off from the dangerous place Vettel forced me in to,” inserted a frustrated Canadian. He ended up 12th.
Rating out of ten: 7
A cent for Sebastian Vettel’s thoughts as Leclerc took the Tifosi’s acclaim on F1’s most podium. Vettel, however to stand Monza’s very best step for the home team, had been defeated after qualifying and appeared simply downcast in his interviews after the race, confessing he’d spun by his own mistake and then didn’t find the oncoming Stroll from the clash that truly wrecked his day. On a weekend which turned to the Ferrari party, Vettel couldn’t play with the role he would have wanted.
Rating out of ten: 5
George Russell can be proud of his Monza performance. Fourteenth, excluding the race in Germany, equals his best finish in F1 – and in a track which Williams said before the race would be among their most difficult of the season. Russell dropped behind Robert Kubica however, comfortably outpaced his, as has been the case this season and was overtaken by Vettel in the closing stages. “I think we could be very pleased,” said Russell, who has been remarkably consistent this year regardless of the poor car.
Rating from ten: 8
Kimi Raikkonen knew after starting from the pit-lane due to this qualifying crash, he was likely to have – but he definitely didn’t think it was likely to be so bad. The race was started by raikkonen about the compound that was inappropriate and was passed a 10-second stop-and-go penalty for this, and he never recovered from that. Taking a look at the Alfa Romeo’s speed, and the motorists that started from the back, Raikkonen should have ended in the points. “Well that was a s*** weekend,” he explained. “awaiting Singapore, since it can not get worse”
Rating from ten: 5
Another sad Sunday for Romain Grosjean. The Frenchman began 13th but has been dead after the initial chicane. He made floor then but then went for a scary twist at Ascari on Lap 10, losing more ground and flat-spotting his tyres. “Definitely something went wrong with the car today,” said Grosjean after. We’ve heard that you.
Rating from ten: 6
Robert Kubica was up in 13th on lap one – heights for its Williams this year – but that was only a high for its Pole because he endured another race day. “I tried my best and that’s how it is,” said Kubica, that had been the sole driver to be lapped twice.
Rating from ten: 6
Unlike his team-mate, Kevin Magnussen looked to have a chance of scoring points and was showing a claim in Monza – he was with less than 20 laps remaining in the top-10. “I had been battling to keep folks behind, and this is normal for me nowadays,” said Magnussen, that appreciated battling with his midfield rivals for once. Unfortunately, his day fun has been brought to a stop by a hydraulic problem.
Rating out of ten: 7
“It had been shaping up to be an wonderful race now,” said Daniil Kvyat, that had been up in sixth and ahead of their Red Bull when he had to retire with an oil leak. A pity for Honda, and the Russian, whose new engine seemed to work rather well at Monza.
Rating out of ten: 7.5
Of conducting sixth the curse? Carlos Sainz was at this place until Kvyat however was the very first DNF of the afternoon. He was in air when McLaren pitted him and had a probability of scoring big points on Sunday but they couldn’t catch the tyre on properly and he had been forced to pull . With back retirements, Sainz has returned after three endings before the summer break. Ouch.
Rating from ten: 7.5
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